Zesty Hotcake

I am enjoying the long vacation we have for this lenten season – get-together with the family, overnight stay at Baguio, swimming at Leisure Coast Resort, a time of worship, and most especially great meal moments with my family. I had the box of Maya Pancake since December and thankfully, I finally had a time to do the work with HOTCAKES or PANCAKES. Though I made a bit variation to break the traditional hotcake recipe which I find a bit boring, so I added a tablespoon of fresh orange juice. Then I thought of labeling them as ZESTY HOTCAKE.
Hotcakes from scratch can be such a fun to make because kids can participate in preparation and cooking. But if there is a rush or if a bit sleepy in the morning and brain is not working well, measuring flour and the rest of ingredients will not work since a complete presence of mind is needed in this task.

On the other hand, a complete Hotcake Mix is a ready mix for a time, money and energy saving to a perfect flipping hotcake for a satisfying breakfast or for a wholesome snack.


1 pack of Maya Hotcake mix
1 egg
3/4 cup water (less 1 tbsp. water)
2 tbsp. oil

1 tbsp. fresh orange juice

Beat egg in a bowl. Add oil, water and hotcake mix. Add in fresh orange juice. Stir until slightly lumpy. Do not overmix.

Heat pan or flat skillet over low fire. Grease pan with a bit of oil or butter.

Pour batter according to desired size. Cook until bubbly and turn to cook the other side.

Serve hot with butter, pancake/hotcake syrup or honey or jam.

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