I am back and I already gave birth last April 22, Thursday at 4:30pm to our healthy baby boy and we named him Zachary Caleb. Colby and Caleb will be celebrating their birthdays on a same day just as what I expected. I had pre-labor pains on the night of 21st and went to the hospital the next day. Though I am CPD in my surgical history, my doctor had me on trial labor for about 6 hours but still I had no progress, so she had me on a Cesarean operation.

Colby had brought so much love and happiness to my life which is beyond measure. And I am even more blessed with that love and happiness as we welcome Caleb in our family. I am thrilled and rewarded with each day that I will be with my 2 sons. I am really grateful for the many blessings I received. I am enjoying each day I am at home, alone with my two kids and Royce. We don’t have househelp yet. It is pretty hard to find one these days. But I am hoping to have one before I go back to work. Well, I do all things at home – taking care of the kids, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, cook food and all sorts of things at home while I recover from my operation.

Summer is still here and quite hard to recuperate with the weather. Our air conditioner is on most of the time so we can have comfy naps in the afternoons and relaxed doze in the evenings. Royce does all the help I need. He bought a number of coconuts for a refreshing buko juice, made some chocolate and fruit shakes.

Royce bought watermelon and I loved the way they flushed the summer mood away. Watermelons are again in season here in our country. Prices ranges from 50-150, depending to size. Watermelon contains 6% sugar and 92% water by weight. It is a great source of vitamin C just like with other fruits. Watermelon is best eaten when chilled.

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