An Invitation to a Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday afternoon, while doing some errands I received a text from an unregistered contact which reads:

Good Afternoon. This is Goya from Virtusio PR. We would like to invite HungryNez to a
Thanksgiving Dinner. May we have your email add so we can send you the invitation. Thank You.

It was a nice and neat text invitation. Since I was not at home, very eager I was, I asked my friend to check if the company is legit, and he said yes, it is legit. Unless the text is not. Whew!

This is my very first to receive an invitation through my blog and I do not know much about media and public relation companies so I immediately went back home to check my email. Yup, I have a very pretty and elegant invitation attached to a letter from, a public relations and marketing company.

Deliciously tempting! But I haven’t decided yet if I am to attend to a once in a lifetime dinner experience or drop the invitation knowing not much of the event to be held. I don’t know. I will keep you posted.

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