Sinigang na Bangus (Milkfish in Sour Soup)

Cooking SINIGANG is such an instant with the help of tamarind soup base which is available in almost all grocery stores. But if you want a natural experience of sinigang, you may use lots of tamarind or kamias or tomatoes. You may also use miso and guavas. But even I am stay-at-home mom, I rather use the instant mix because its convenient and a lot cheaper. You can also cook almost all kinds of meats with sinigang mix like pork, shrimp, beef and chicken.

Sinigang is cooked best with some native vegetables in it like, onions, tomatoes, string beans, kangkong or river spinach, radish, eggplant, and okra. Well, it doesn’t mean you have to dunk all those vegetables in the pot. You may choose about 2-4 combination of vegetables to make it more nutritious. You can also add sliced gabi to make the soup thick, but for me, using gabi for sinigang dish is good for meats and not for seafood sinigang. Some cook their sinigang by sauteing or frying the onions and tomatoes, which I haven’t tried that yet. But for people of Dagupan, where our Bangus is the best tasting in the world, need no to saute to remove the fishy taste, merely boiling our very own Dagupan Bangus with onions and tomatoes will do the trick for having the best tasting Sinigang na Bangus.

Make sure you serve your Sinigang dish while hot as a comforting main dish of Filipinos. Do not put too much water in the pot for Sinigang dish for it will just make your soup taste bland, about a liter for every kilo of meat or seafood is best.

You may also try Sinigang na Baboy, Sinigang na Buto-buto and Nilagang Bangus.


1/2 kilo fresh bangus, cleaned, entrails removed and sliced
4-5 cups water or water used to wash rice grains
1 medium red onion, peeled and sliced
3 medium red tomatoes, quartered
1 pack sinigang mix (tamarind soup base)
1 tbsp. patis or fish sauce
3 long green chilis (siling pangsigang)
1 small radish, peeled and sliced
kangkong leaves
6-8 okra

Put water, tomatoes and onions in a pot. Bring to full boil.

Pour in half of sinigang mix and add bangus. Cook for about 7-10 minutes or until bangus turned white.

Lower heat. Add the rest of the sinigang mix, patis, green chilis, radish, kangkong leaves and okra. Adjust flavor by adding patis or water. Slowly simmer until vegetables are half cooked then remove from fire. Don’t worry, vegetables will be fully cooked with its remaining heat.

Serve while hot with steaming hot rice.

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