Shrimp Omelette (Tortang Hipon)

OMELETTE or Omelet is a meal made from beaten eggs quickly cooked with oil or butter. Omelette is usually folded with fillings like ham, sausage, hotdog, red bell pepper, onions, or ham. Adding milk, cream, mayonaisse helps the omelette to a more fluffly texture.

With my desire to prepare a good meal without spending much, TORTANG HIPON was a great breakfast dish to be served with hot rice. At first, I was hesistant to serve this to my son, Colby, for it was his first time to eat small shrimps. But when he didn’t ask what it was and the only trouble will be if he complains on its taste. Fortunately, he had no leftovers, no complains. Colby loved it! I guess I will be cooking SHRIMP OMELETTE or TORTANG ALAMANG again soon.


oil for frying
2 cups alamang (small shrimps)
1 large minced onion
3 cloves minced garlic
3 large eggs, beaten
3 tbsp. flour

Place alamang in a colander, wash with running water and drain. Put in a large bowl, add all the remaining ingredients except oil and mix.

Place pan over medium heat. Pour oil. Put about 3 tablespoons of alamang mixture into the pan. Fry, let it sit and flip to brown the other side.

Enjoy your SHRIMP OMELETTE or TORTANG ALAMANG with catsup and steaming white rice.

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