Shakeys Treat

I received extra money from an angel…

Royce and I went straight to our usual hang out yesterday for a dinner treat – Shakeys at City Mall. I don’t know why, but we both love Shakeys over Pizza Hut and Greenwich. Maybe because pizzas and other meals are less oily than Pizza Hut and more experience of Italian flavor than Greenwich which has a Filipino blend of sweet and sour. For 5 consecutive birthdays I had, we dined at Shakeys as my birthday celeb with Royce. Hihi, we in fact don’t love Shakeys, coz we realllyyy LLLOOOVVVEEE it!

Going back to our date, Royce ate the Bunch of Lunch Combo meal – a half serving of meaty spaghetti, a slice of Hawaiian pizza, golden fried Chicken, Mojo fries(sliced and perfectly fried potatoes) which I believe the highlight of the combo. Hmm, I think the Mojos has the same batter coating as the fried Chicken coz they almost have the same outer surface spice.

All right, I had my all-time favorite Classic Hot Hero Sandwich with Belgian fries. (Hypnotized: Belgian is such a craze – Belgian cake, Belgian ice cream, Belgian cookie and many other Belgians..=D) Hot hero is an 8-inch submarine sandwich divided into two. It has slices ham, salami, pepperoni, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, black olives which I really love, tomatoes, lettuce, with original hot hero dressing. A sandwich that will wrap up enjoyment of full-flavor combination of bread, cold meats and veggies.. oh and the dressing that gives the twist.

Go and hang out with family and friends at Shakeys… Dig in!

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