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hi! my name is nez.

i am a mother of my 3 year old son, colby, who is extremely fidgety, always on the game and very choosy with his food to eat. i am always on the experiment of foods to give him. he loves the taste of pasta, pizza, anything that has tomatoes. he is not into sweets, no ice creams, no cakes. he loves veggies which i am so very well pleased. he doesnt like meats except for fish meat like bangus, tilapia, tanguigue, blue marlin and the like. he is into junk foods. i cant blame him for we, royce and i, are into chips and snacks.

i am the wife of royce, an entrepreneur, who is very loving, patient, has a passion to achieve his goals. he loves to eat, does experiments, always tries new restos, new food offers. he is not into sweets either. he would rather have a full meal than having small snacks.

as a couple, royce and i love to eat out especially if we get tired and stressed from the day’s work. when at home, i just prepare simple food on our table but make sure something special during weekends. i get my recipes from the trainings i had from programs our church offers, i am a Latter-day Saint by the way www.lds.org and also from the mothers who i love especially their cooking. i usually browse the net for new recipes like www.pinoycook.net, whom i got the inspiration of creating my own food blog, cooks.com, kitchenomics.com and many more.

i want to share my experiences in eating, cooking, baking, which i know, i am not a pro but just by creating this blog and making myself be read, i hope to give an inspiration to those who wanted to travel with me in journey of living with food with families and friends.

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