I saw once in an SM Department Store a device you stick to a knife to make even slices of vegetables and fruits like if your making french fries. I was amazed how a very simple device can make slicing of fruits and vegetables so quick and efficient. Gone were the days of firewood and ‘pugon’, they were replaced with the stove and the oven, though some people still cook the old fashion way, using modern equipments and kitchenware makes cooking a more convenient and a fun activity. Easy cooking will never be possible without kitchen aids. There are hundreds of equipments and apparatuses and listing all of them would be close to impossible.

Kitchenware includes utensils, dishes, appliances, cookware and many more. Cookwares are containers like frying pans and saucepans usually used on a stove, and bakewares are also same vessels but used inside an oven. Dishwares or dinnerwares are for serving and eating food like plate and bowls. Drinkware are of course are containers for drinking.  Eating and serving utensils include fork, knife, spoon, drinking straw, spork, tongs and many more.

I was browsing the internet and saw a bunch of pictures of different kitchenware. Some of the things I saw had the pretty usual design, but there are few that quickly caught my attention. So I decide to make a picture wish list of the ones I liked but probably wont spend so much money just to have.  Anyway here’s my list:

corning wares

This elegant dining ware set is from CorningWares.  CorningWares has been in the business for more than 50 years providing wide array of premium designs made to fit to the different tastes of their consumers. These wares can be used for everyday and even during occasions.

fur157Celebrity chef Rachel Ray with legendary Australian knife maker Fur joined together for this modern design set of knives. I never thought knives would be so trendy.

op 3_pice_stock_pot_set_large

These I saw from Aren’t they lovely? Can’t wait to do a massive cooking of spaghetti sauce, macaroni soup and more with these pots.

00342 CorningWare 16-pc. Jumbo SetAgain, these are from CorningWares by What is nice with CorningWare is that the material they use is of glass ceramic material which is durable enough to be used on the stove, in an oven, broiler, or microwave oven. And another thing – they never go out of style


I hate loving this. If I ever got one like this, I don’t think I can fry fish or sautee something in it. It is too lovely to be under fire. This pan of Scanpan Fusion of costs about £46, which is about P4000 in out currency – I can buy dozen of pans in a local store. This is far beyond comparison though. This is just for keeps, I guess.

I think I better go back to my kitchen now. Just like what I mentioned earlier, I won’t be spending too much for wares, or I should say, I can’t afford splurging thousand bucks for those. I rather buy microwave oven and a juicer and a food processor and an outdoor griller and a…..

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