McDonald’s Burger Caramba and Saucy Beef Rice

My husband and I went to Manila last August 5 to get some supplies for his contracts and went to Banawe, the car accessories selling mecca of the country. It was only then that I fully understood why my husband would let me go shopping alone or would leave me at the mall, do my shopping and he would just go find some food or just anywhere he pleased. Car things are not a thing for me so I asked him to drive me to a nearest fastfood place so he dropped me off to McDonald’s just few meters away from the car shops.

mdonalds burgercaramba
I love McDonald’s’ burgers and fries more than any local fastfood offers. What I love most in McDonald’s is their Crispy Chicken Fillet – a spicy crispy chicken wedge with light mayo dressing in a burger bun. Going back, I was about to order Big Mac, my another favorite feast at McDonald’s but then I saw on their menu posters new products which I think is not yet offered in our province. I was hungry then and wanted to treat myself while Royce was having his own treat in those car shops.  So, I ordered Burger Caramba and Saucy Beef with Rice.

Burger Caramba a burger sandwich which I think McDonald’s place the same patty they use with their regular burgers – a 100% pure beef with a blend of mayo and Mexican herb and tomato salsa. Burger Caramba comes with a regular drink and costs P50. I got acquainted with the flavor of Mexican some few years back since my husband asked me to cook enchiladas, quesadillas and tacos. I was in fact searching in my about ten thousand taste buds the Mexican savor in the Burger Caramba but couldn’t find it. Maybe it was too mild for me to sense it. It was satisfying though.

mcdonalds beef rice
Saucy Beef with Rice is a beef patty – also same patty used in burgers poured with rich tomato sauce. I was excited with this one because I love tomatoes but then as soon as I opened the styrobox I was quite unhappy. Well, I have this passion for burgers and pastas but swamping a burger patty with spaghetti sauce, the same spaghetti sauce they pour in McSpaghetti, was somewhat an alien to me. I was expecting a thick creamy Italian beef sauce on the burger patty in Saucy Beef with Rice but anyway, it was I guess worth for a try since it only cost P50 with a regular coke.

Burger Caramba and Saucy Beef with Rice are both satisfactory if you wanted to get a new taste from the usual burgers and meals they offer. However, if you wanted to experience the comfort of the traditional taste of McDonald’s, you better go for Big Mac and Chicken Meals.

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