Lumpiang Kamote

Last November, Royce and I had a chance to visit Bohol. And it truly was a great experience seeing wonderful places like Chocolate Hills and the white sand of Panglao Beach. My most exciting part is dining on a floating restaurant at Loboc River. I loved the river tour, the Filipino songs performed by the singer, and most specially the unlimited food adventure. While riding on the boat, we get to dine and enjoy all Filipino dishes, from appetizers, soups, main course, fruits and desserts. Since all dishes were our own, I thought that I won’t get to learn and discover much. But I was wrong. I thought the food attendant just misplaced the plate of Lumpiang Shanghai on the dessert table. I was wrong… just for a camote or sweet potato rolled in a lumpia wrapper. A crunchy and sweet lumpia with camote in it. It was indeed to be on a dessert table. I wasn’t able to get a chat to anyone from the kitchen about it, but I guess it is a Boholano dessert. CAMOTE LUMPIA or KAMOTENG LUMPIA was a great dessert or a snack discovery to share.


kamote/camote or sweet potatoes, peeled and sliced into strips
brown sugar
cooking oil
lumpia wrappers

Separate each lumpia wrapper. Set aside.

Pour brown sugar on a shallow bowl. Also pour water on a separate bowl.

Rest a wrapper on a plate. Get a strip of kamote and dip sides on brown sugar. Place the kamote on lumpia wrapper. Fold two sides of the circle over the camote then roll the wrapper up. Dip your finger on the bowl of water then spread the water on the end of the lumpia wrapper to seal it.

Do same procedure with the rest of sliced kamote.

Heat oil in a small frying pan. On medium high heat, fry the LUMPIANG KAMOTE until golden brown. Drain excess oil.

Serve your LUMPIANG KAMOTE or CAMOTE LUMPIA as a snack or dessert.

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