Last Day at Work

Today is my last day at work. My heart is filled with emotions. Of course, I feel terribly sad for I will miss my job, my boss and my co-workers. I will miss waking up early in the morning, preparing myself from a traditional mother get-up to transform to a pleasing and corporate look, traveling from home to work which is usually my day dreaming moment, spending 9 hours of whirl-winding, exhausting yet comfy environment, stressful yet fulfilling work as a secretary to the president of a college (very soon to be a university). I will be missing the people I got to be with for many years, the security guards who are the first ones to greet me with a good morning, the maintenance men who do the errands, the canteen personnel who gives me extras during my breaks, the other office staff who I usually get the latest chikkas but seriously, I will miss the moments of building friendship with them, the 4 guys in our office who had shared a load of memories, and specially my boss who gives the pressure and drive for pushing me to be at my best, though tough and nerve-racking, it was one great ride.

I am not offered to a higher paying job nor moving to a greener pasture. But I will be doing my primary responsibility of nurturing and taking care of my kids. I wanted to spend more time molding the character and future of my two little men. I wanted to be part of wonderful memories with my kids for these moments will just be for a moment and I don’t want to miss a thing. But this doesn’t mean I will stop working. Nothing will stop me from work. I got to earn money when I was 7. And I could still remember the happiness and fulfillment when I earned money from selling stationeries to my classmates. I want to feel that satisfaction again and again. Since I won’t be spending 9 hours locked in my office, I have more time for my family and find opportunities to do things – cook, bake, share, write and discover the other things I wanted to learn. I will have more time to share my skills and knowledge in my husband’s small business. And I will have more time do extra little things that will make me happy.

I am praying Colegio de Dagupan all the best, and I am very proud that I spent 4 years studying and 6 years of working here. And I hope somehow, you will be proud of me too.

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