KFC Cheesy Barbecue Meltz

comes in a nice box

I am excited to post a review of KFC’s new product offering – KFC Cheesy Barbecue Meltz.(Please don’t think this is a paid ad, it’s not.) I guess one good reason I’m excited about this review is the love I have for tortilla breads and everything in it – meat, cheese, onions, mayo, salsa and even – fruit jams!  Tortillas are easy to prepare, quick and fun to eat, always having that surprise as it lands in your mouth. Another reason is that this time I get to feature another fast food restaurant product after my Shakey’s Treat post.

Honestly, I am not really an avid fan of KFC but the Cheesy BBQ Meltz poster caught my attention and has been tempting me for quite some time already. One afternoon, after a very tedious day of work, I was tired and terribly hungry so I remembered that poster and told myself I should try that new product from KFC. So I got to the store at the left end of the ground floor of Nepo Mall along Arellano Street, just a good 5-minute walk away from the workplace. I saw the picture again and my tummy just growled. My hungryness took over. Before I knew it the girl who took my order was handing me my first order of the most awaited Cheezy Melt and drink for 100 pesos.


Cheesy Bbq Meltz is a toasted roti prata, a flat bread like tortilla, folded in half, stuffed with melted cheese, some popcorn chicken, KFC’s rich original dressing, chopped fresh tomatoes and corn chips. Probably not a good idea to combine with the rest of the fillings but yes the product has corn chips. The serving size of the Cheezy Barbecue Meltz is not bad. It is not the usual fastfood stuff that come in smaller servings you wish you could have had extra money to get another order to be satisfied. The taste was something I appreciated. Not so salty or soury like the Go-go sandwich. It is kind of like the Quesadillas from Taco Bell without the Mexican spice taste on it but with a few more ingredients. One thing I wish though the KFC’s Cheesy BBQ Meltz had is the unique Mexican seasoning taste in it. Some chili seasoning and the spice of peppers. But apparently that is not how the Cheesy BBQ Meltz was made to sell in the first place. The poster doesn’t show a Mexican character in it.

Overall, The KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz is one of the best flat bread sandwich I had so far. It does come a little bit pricey as some people think, but I think the food is ultimately good for the money since you don’t get to buy cheaper soft tortillas anyway or anywhere near if you are craving for one.

So you better grab Cheesy Barbecue Meltz before KFC decides to phase them out.

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