Jean’s Sandwich

jean sndwichJean, one of my officemates, called me one afternoon to have a taste of the sandwich she prepared for our merienda. As soon as I came to her table, I saw 1 loaf of bread and a bowl of brownish thick spread. It was usual for me to see bread for merienda, especially when budget is ran out, but seeing the suggy, thick spread was an alien to my eyes. Being left with no choice, I took a pair of bread. Still my curiosity stirred me to ask her, “Jean, what is this?” she showed me a big grin in her face and said, “Masarap yan.” So I trusted her. Put the spread on the bread and took a bite. it was creamy lite salty on taste buds. After satisfying my tummy, pinilit ko syagn sabihin sa akin what spread that was. Gladly, I got the easiest yet tastiest and creamiest spread. and easy on the pocket. Truly a lip-smacking after you tasted one.

1 can pure foods liver spread
1 pouch mayonnaise

Combine. Spread 2 of the bread slices evenly. Heat on an oventoaster for 3 minutes. Leaving in for another minute will make the bread crispier.

Serve while hot.

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