Jam Sweet Jam’s Crema de Fruta

crema de fruta

After attending church, we went to my mom’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day with a simple lunch with a nice and colorful Crema de Fruta which I bought at Jam Sweet Jam, a local bakeshop in our city. Crema de Fruta is a chilled yellow cake, layered with creamy custard filling and topped with fruits in gelatin glaze. I favor Jam Sweet Jam’s Crema de Fruta than Goldilocks. Jam Sweet Jam is mildly sweetened, has more fruits and its cake is softer and heavenly.

Dessert is a sweet course of the meal that is typically served at the end of the meal. Popular desserts are ice cream, cakes, sorbets, fruits, pies gelatins, and tarts. Filipinos love to crown their meal with Pinoy desserts like Leche Flan, Gulaman (gelatin), Ube Halaya, Maja Blanca and many more.

Anyway, here’s a photo of my mom and her very nice house.
mpm crema de fruta

sala set
To all moms, Happy Mother’s Day!

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