Inihaw na Bangus



INIHAW NA BANGUS or Grilled Milkfish is one of the most popular dishes of Filipinos, specially for us Dagupeños, who are proud to have the best tasting Bangus in the whole world. Gladly, bangus industry had a fast recovery from the recent fish kill tragedy in the country.

Inihaw na Bangus is best served with dips of Pangasinan’s Bagoong and Vinegar. Also, to have a best cooked texture of your bangus, be sure that your grill is about 5 inches high from the burning charcoal so as not to over-burn the fish. Remember that the heat should be cooking the fish and not the fire.

But if you don’t want the fuss of preparing the charcoal on your grill, you can enjoy the taste of Turbo Broiled Bangus instead.

INIHAW NA BANGUS (Grilled Milkfish)

1 bangus

1 tomato, sliced, seeds removed
1 onion, peeled and sliced


Clean Bangus with running water. Carefully remove internal organs and gills by slicing an opening at its tummy part. Wash again then drain.

Combine sliced tomato, onion, salt and pepper. Put the mixture inside the bangus’ tummy.

Rub bangus with salt and pepper.

Burn coals then place fish on the grill.

Grill bangus for about 20-25 minutes on each side.

Serve with calamansi or vinegar and bagoong dip.

And don’t forget the steaming white rice!


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