Halabos na Hipon

I have been running gaga all around the house – nursing Caleb, taking care of Colby, doing the laundry, making sure the house is neatly cleaned as friends do visit and check the baby,  planning and cooking meals, buying all needful things, and many more. It is not easy spending all day being at home which I believe is the hardest job a woman would ever have. Despite of the sleepless nights putting Caleb to sleep and watching Barney and Dora the whole day with Colby, being with the kids gives contentment that I consider the most rewarding moments of my life and that gives a real definition of being a mom. I admit that having a good pay from working outside the house would give a good deal of confidence with the money I earn but I am much satisfied with the joy and love my beautiful sons reward me.

All things should be done fast and all things should be done simple. This rams me to plan and cook meals which are fast and simple. No long hours of boiling, no demanding garnishes, no endless cooking time, no tiresome slicing, chopping and stirring.

HALABOS NA HIPON or HIPONG HALABOS is the most easiest and fastest to cook shrimp. It is a popular Philippine recipe cooked for about 10-15 minutes served to a family simple meal to a grand fiesta. Halabos na Hipon is the easiest yet the most delicious way to  cook and eat shrimp with a desired dip. Halabos na Hipon’s best dip for me is the combination of vinegar, boneless fish sauce and minced garlic.


1 kilo medium sized or large shrimps
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp. salt

Trim whiskers of each shrimp.

Wash shrimps with running water and drain.

Place shrimp in a large skillet and season with salt. Pour on water.

Cook on a medium heat, stirring occasionally until water is being dissolved.

Serve with steaming hot rice and your favorite dip.

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