Garlic and Pepper Pork

Last weekend, I wanted to prepare something that won’t require me of too much energy for a mind-numbing pre-cooking preparations and too complicated kitchen cooking job. So, I thought of getting the slab of pork out of our fridge, thaw, season it, throw it in my turbo broiler machine, turned the knob on to its timer and just wait for the timer off. A simple to do meal makes dining a feast. You will surely love the aroma and the pungent taste of the garlic and pepper pressed in your turbo broiled pork.

Roasting, grilling, frying, boiling, baking – these cooking methods would bring out the best flavor in your meat if you get a good quality of meat – pork, beef, chicken or lamb. Best home-cooked food starts from the market. Make sure to buy meat from a reputable supplier or get to know a butcher – a best bet for making the right choices. But if there never seems to be anyone then find another market. But my most recommend is to get meat from a grocery. Most groceries have their meat sections where they sell meats by its cuts, they are frozen and less exposed to flies, insects and dirt.

1 1/2 kilo slab of pork (liempo or kasim)
1 clove garlic, peeled and crushed
ground pepper
ground oregano
rock salt

Wash pork with running water and drain well. Combine rock salt, garlic, oregano and pepper in a shallow bowl.

pork 1
Gently coat pork with salt mixture. Put the seasoned slab of pork in your turbo broiler. Be sure to place the wire rack under it to avoid burning the meat.

Set turbo broiler temperature to 250 degrees Celcius for 60 minutes.

pork 2
And now you can do your thing while your broiler does its thing.
Watch TV, clean house, play with kids, or read a book.

As soon as timer rings, remove pork from the broiler and place on plate. Cool for about 5 minutes then chop and serve.

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