Fruity Gelatin Layers

2 layer gelatin

Last Saturday afternoon, I wanted to bring my three-year-old son, Colby, to the Worlds of Fun at CSi City Mall so we could have a break from our everyday routine. But it was raining hard because of the typhoon “Isang” so we both just stayed at home and watched Sesame Street video… until we got bored. So I thought of something to cook that Colby might join in and enjoy. And, we made this really easy and also really delicious gelatin. We didn’t have those dessert molds to use but we had fun though since it is our very first gelatin.

1 box of green unflavored gelatin
1 box of yellow unflavored gelatin
2 cups of sugar, divided into 2
pandan extract for green gelatin
lemon essence for yellow gelatin

Dissolve the green gelatin and cook according to its directions. Add pandan extract and 1 cup sugar. Pour in a mold and refrigerate until set (about 10-20 minutes).
Then cook another box, add the lemon essense and sugar. Pour over first layer and chill until set. And serve.

Well, I am now thinking of maybe Colby and I could make a rainbow gelatin next Saturday by using about 5-7 gelatin colors to make it more colorful and exciting. Ah, Rainbow Gelatin, that is!

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