Fruits on Sticks

My mom and I went to her friend’s birthday dinner party last night and this FRUITS ON STICKS on the dessert table caught my attention. Apart from the usual fruits served on occassions, this is a great idea for a more appealing and for a perfect summer spirit.

All you need is a bunch of different fruits with assorted colors like strawberries, grapes, pineapples, melons, banana. Choose fruits with attractive colors and you can also match up the colors with the party theme. Peel the fruits if necessary.

Cut fruits according to your desired size but consider the shape to be cut so the fruits can remain as they are. Like grapes and strawberries are mostly usually served as a whole since they are small and pleasant without cutting. You may cut mangoes, pineapples, melons and watermelons in flower, heart, cubes, semi-circle, cirle shapes.

You can use different lenghts of sticks for your Fruits on Sticks like barbecue sticks, toothpicks and any stick that is food grade. Put in few pieces of fruits on the stick and dip into orange or pineapple juice. Just your creative hands to make designs.

Use a wrapped styro foam or a cabbage head for your base. Put in your fruits on stick. Make sure the whole design is balanced and proportioned. Now you can serve your very own FRUITS ON STICKS on your dessert table.

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