Fried Fish Fillet

Weekend was full-packed activity. I attended my officemate’s wedding. We were also at my niece’s 7th birthday. And we had a small gathering in our place with our friends. That would just mean that we dived with tons of meats and sweets the past few days so I thought of doing some cleansing with vegetable, fish and fruits before I give birth. I know it is only few days to wait before I give birth. I will have a trial labor said my doctor since I had my Ceasarean operation four years ago with Colby. Speaking of Colby, he will be celebrating his 4th birthday on Thursday. I don’t know if I will be giving birth on his birthday but I like the thought of having my sons celebrating their birthdays on a same day. I already arranged Colby’s birthday party at my mom’s house in case I will be giving birth anytime soon since I foresee that I will be at the hospital on Colby’s birthday.

FRIED FISH FILLET is the easiest way to cook fish. I prefer buying a whole fish like Lapu-lapu, Labahita or Yellow Fin rather and fillet them at home than buying the ready to cook fish fillets at grocery. To some, it is Fish Fillet, Fish Cutlets, Fish Nuggets, Fish Croquets. Whatever it should be called, it is a fried fish meat and dipped in a sauce or dressing.


1 kilo labahita, lapu-lapu or yellow fin (which I used)
1 cup flour
3 beaten eggs
4 calamansi

Clean fish with running water. Drain with absorbent paper.

Make individual fish fillets separated from bones.

Rub with calamansi juice, salt and pepper. Marinate for 15-20 minutes.

Dip in beaten eggs and roll in flour.

Fry over slow fire until fish fillet is golden brown.

Serve with desired dip.

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