Fresh Vegetable Salad Dip

fresh vegetable salad dip
Fresh Vegetable Salad Dip is a composed salad where its vegetables are artfully assembled together and placed on a plate and its dressing is drizzled over the top. The healthful benefits of vegetables give more elegance and attraction to Fresh Garden Salad, makes us always notice them not only on the table but on our plates.

I prepared this Fresh Garden Salad for my friend, Tina, who came to pay a visit few days ago. Tina wanted the vegetables dipped on a dressing rather than tossing them with a dressing so I just lay the vegetables on a plate and poured the dressing on the side.

You might wonder, I didn’t include quantity of the vegetables. Besides, I don’t want to mess the vegetables into measuring cups.


lettuce, loose leaf or iceberg

Tear lettuce into bite size pieces.

Peel turnips and carrots and slice into strips.

Slice tomatoes into wedges.

Arrange vegetables on a plate.

Serve with thousand island or french dressing on the side as a dip.

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