Fresh Buko Juice

The coconut nut is a giant nut
If you eat too much, you’ll get very fat
Now, the coconut nut is a big, big nut
But its delicious nut is not a nut…
– By Smokey Mountain

Da Coconut Nut is one of the songs that remind me of childhood. And this also indicates to me that summer time is here. It had been terribly hot for the past few days and everybody wants to indulge with anything cold and refreshing. I had been pampering myself with Halo-Halo, Mais con Yelo and Ice Cream so I thought of giving my fresh and natural side a treat.

A fresh and cool BUCO (BUKO) or COCONUT is the best to beat this summer season. Operate the blender machine with coconut meat, milk, sugar and ice makes a hot to a chilly BUCO SHAKE. You can also shred the coconut meat, mix with coconut juice, add a bit of sugar and add plenty of ice is a BUCO JUICE which is one of the best selling juice. BUCO SALAD is one of my favorite salad of all time – shredded buco meat, a can of fruit cocktail, evaporated milk, all-purpose cream and diced cheese. Or simply ask the coconut vendor to remove the other shell or hush of the coconut fruit and open the top part, stick a straw and fill yourself with 100% natural drink.

Coconut or buco is not only a refreshing drink or snack but a very nutritious food and drink which is very high in fiber vitamins and minerals and gives many health benefits afar its nutritional substance and that makes it to be classified as a “Tree of Life.” So if you are thirsty this summer, you can have a healthy refreshing quench with this amazing coconut or buco.

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