Fondant Cake

It has been a while since I posted last. But I have a nice reason, a great reason for not being in the netosphere lately. This time, I want your eyes to feast on what I’ve have been busying lately. But before anything else, let me start with this photo:

This is my very FIRST FONDANT CAKE. I had no materials, cutters, rolling pins, mats at that time. I had no time and no extra money to get a formal training for fondant cakes but with much faith and hope, I was able to kill my experiment to be a good blend for the fondant icing.

Then my Aunt asked me to do a cake for her birthday last March.

It was a 16-hour process, tired and exhausted, and it was just an A-OK cake. The FONDANT BIRTHDAY CAKE was not supposed to be covered in plain white but I was terribly tired and sleepy that I forgot to tint the fondant. And since I had no cutters yet, I desperately settled with some royal icing flowers I bought from a local store. I expected it would not gain a WOW comment from friends and from my aunt but then they loved it! Maybe they was awed for I never made something like that before. But unbelievably, I had some inquiries for that cake.

Then the fondant cake business started when my former high school classmate asked me to do a cake for her niece on her graduation day. So I swore to myself that I have to make it good this time so I can get more attention since I foresee a good business out of the passion that I have. This is the first paid fondant cake I made:

I spent 2 days for this cake and it really takes a lot of patience and hard work to finish a pretty cake.

Ooops, I have to go back to check my oven. I am baking a cake for tomorrow’s wedding.

I will keep you posted and will blog about all my fondant making and other kitchen experiences again.

By the way, I want to credit my friend, Divine, for coaching and mentoring me on my cakes. All these will never be as good as you see and will see without her sharing knowledge and experience.

Till next post!

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