faMEALy day TODAY!

Today we are observing the NATIONAL FAMILY DAY as declared on the 30th day of September 2010, or otherwise known as Presidential Proclamation 1895.The declaration states that the Filipino Family Day is commemorated every 4th Monday of September.

For many generations, the family meal has been an important family ritual. During this time, members of the family sit together around the dining table, eat shared food and listen and converse with one another. Now, because of many kinds of economic and technological factors, families are taking these important mealtimes for granted.
Studies show that children who dine with their parents grow up to be more healthy, happy, and productive individuals. This mealtime also strengthens the relationship between parents and their children.

I saw a couple of commercials off youtube about Filipino Family Day that tell of facts most likely to happen when parents take family meals for granted.

The National Family Day was made not to give opportunity for families to sit together on mealtime during this day, but I guess, so that families can remember the importance of having family meals at home. I believe that there will be a great impact on the positive upbringing of kids if parents commit to observe the family mealtime every day. Besides that, I think family meals keep members of the family connected and give opportunities to engage in fun conversation and worthwhile family time.

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