Enseladang Mangga

Yipee it is MANGO season once again! Mango is generally sweet when ripe and deliciously sour when unripe. Unripe mangoes are usually pickled, cooked for sour broth, and eaten by itself as an appetizer or side dish with a fish paste (bagoong) or shrimp paste (alamang). Green mangoes can also be eaten with salt, chili or soy sauce, for those who are not used to bagoong and alamang. Mangoes are high in prebiotic fiber, vitamin C and vitamin A. It also has folate, B vitamins and many more. No wonder mangoes are loved so much by everyone. I am so much grateful to be ina tropical land where mangoes are beautifully abundant!

My most favorite native green mango side dish recipe is ENSELADANG MANGGA or GREEN MANGO SALAD. It is just a combination of chopped onions, green mango, tomatoes and shrimp paste or alamang. For best ENSELADANG MANGGA, you have to use a shrimp paste or alamang from PANGASINAN, where best alamang is made!

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