Easy Kare-Kare with Ginisang Alamang

Today is Sunday. Everybody is at home and it is a lazy day, a day to relax at home and enjoy a leisurely Sunday lunch. Everybody here at home craved for a traditional Pinoy dish: BEEF KARE-KARE WITH GINISANG ALAMANG. Good thing Aunt is at home to help me with this tough and challenging recipe. I am kind of bragging about this KARE-KARE recipe because it really tastes so great and creamy. Along with it is a GINISANG ALAMANG as its perfect pair. I am not really a good photographer for the KARE-KARE photo does not reflect the actual yummy-ness of the dish. I was not able to get to capture it with a perfect lighting. I was in a hurry so we can indulge immediately. Our Sunday lunch meal had beed fun and so satisfying that almost nothing was left for dinner. It is a successful attempt to cook this dish. You can vary your Kare-kare dish with your own style and season like you can omit some vegetables or add some of your favorite vegetables. Next challenge dish to attempt is Seafoods Kare-kare.

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Just click the link for the recipe of GINISANG ALAMANG.


1 kilo beef (oxtail, tripe and round/sirloin sliced according to your desired serving size)
3 cups pure peanut butter
3 medium onion, peeled and sliced
4 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
cooking oil
handful of sitaw or string beans, cut into 2 inches long
handful of puso ng saging or banana blossom,
2 medium talong or eggplant, sliced
2 liters water
patis or fish sauce
atsuete powder

In a stock pot, put water, beef, oxtrails and salt. Bring to simmer. Cook until tender, about 1-2 hours. You can also use your pressure cooker to minimize your cooking time in a half. Strain and set aside the beef stock.

Heat a large pan or wok. Add oil and garlic. Saute about 2 minutes then add your sliced onion. Saute until transluscent.

Now, add the beef, tripe and oxtail. Saute about 5-7 minutes, stirring constantly.

Add peanut butter. Cook for about 2 minutes. Then add the beef stock. You don’t have to put all the beef stock. Just put enough water to make the sauce creamy.

Add eggplant, banana blossom and string beans. Do not overcook the vegetables. The remaining heat will cook them.

Adjust flavor by adding beef stock, salt and fish sauce. But do not flavor it with too much salt. You must not forget that you will have a Ginisang Alamang on the side as its partner.

Serve with steaming white rice and GINISANG ALAMANG.

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