Easy Cheese Sticks

PICA-PICA is a term used to refer to finger foods or appetizers or simply food that we eat with our hands. It is refers also to a variety of small portions of food or snacks. This Easy Cheese Sticks recipe is under this category along with Lumpiang Sili and Chicken Feet Adobo.

are very popular finger food during children’s birthday parties and small gatherings. It is very simple to prepare and easy to cook. You can dash some sugar to a kid-friendly taste or add some minced red bell or pimiento for a twist.


1 box cheddar cheese
25 pieces lumpia wrapper (spring/summer roll)
1 cup cooking oil

Get a damp towel and place on your working table. Place the lumpia wrappers on the damp towel about 25 seconds. Then separate each lumpia wrappers. If there are still brittle wrappers left, place them again on the towel. Set aside.

Slice the cheese into desired sizes (preferably 3 inches long and 1/4 inch wide). You may use a knife but using a sewing thread is a lot more easier.

Place a sliced cheese stick in a horizontal line in the bottom quarter of the wrapper. Fold two sides of the circle over the cheese then roll the wrapper up. Seal the wrapper by dipping your finger in water and spreading the water on the end of the lumpia wrapper. Wrap the rest of the cheese stick slices.

Heat oil in a small frying fan then fry the cheese sticks until golden brown. Drain excess oil.

Serve while hot. You can serve it with tomato or banana catsup as a dip.

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