Crispy Fried Chicken Fillet

This CRISPY FRIED CHICKEN FILLET recipe is from my Aunt Sassy who experimented for a long time before finally convinced herself that this recipe is a great way of marinating and frying a chicken fillet. Her ultimate tip is to buy a chicken from a reliable supplier who can give you a fresh chicken cutlet. And the rest is just a preparation and frying procedure like a traditional way of frying chicken. No doubt she had tons of compliments on this crispy fried chicken fillet dish each time she serves it on our party table. You got to try this basic and simple recipe for this will surely be a star family favorite.

A practical technique in cooking quickly a piece of chicken fillet is to pan-fry the meat. Some stores sell boneless chicken breast which is a good buy even if its a little bit pricy than buying a bone-in chicken yet letting you do all the kitchen work of trimming off the fat and removing the bone from the meat. But if you really, have that heart of doing those, then, I bet you get to enjoy the chore anyway.

I prefer taking the skin off for some health reasons. And this will ensure that it gets crispy outside, browns evenly and delicately juicy white chicken meat inside. Nobody is made to be guilty after eating tons of CRISPY FRIED CHICKEN FILLET, bone and skin removed. You just get to consume 161 calories after eating a half of chicken breast. And that is very easy to burn the calories away.

There are tons of ways to use your leftover fried chicken fillet. Just remove the skin of the chicken, if you had it chicken on, and coarsely chop the chicken meat. Then you can plunge the chopped chicken meat in your Creamy Chicken and Ham Fettuccine, Chicken Sotanghon Soup, Pasta Carbonara, Cheesy Chicken Tortilla.


cooking oil
4-6 pieces chicken breast, boneless, halved
3 tbsp. lemon juice or kalamansi juice
1 tbsp. butter, melted
1 or 2 pieces egg
flour, about a cup

Wash sliced chicken breasts thoroughly with running water and drain well or pat with paper towel to make sure no excess water on your chicken meat.

Place the chicken breasts in a medium bowl. Pour melted butter, salt and lemon or kalamansi juice. Mix thoroughly until all sides of chicken breasts are covered with the seasoning. Cover the bowl with plastic and place in your fridge, not freezer, for 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Then, remove seasoned chicken breast from the fridge. Now, repare your the coating by beating egg on a medium shallow bowl and season with a little salt, and mix some flour and a little salt on a medium plate.

Prepare to heat your non-stick frying pan. Then add oil.

Now, dredge the chicken breast in egg, then dredge both sides of chicken fillet with flour mixture. Just do this method with the rest of your chicken breast, making sure to fry then in batches so that you will not over crowed your pan in frying your chicken breasts. Let it fry, undisturbed, until browned on the bottom, about 3-5 minutes for the first side to brown. Then carefully flip each chicken breast and fry until done.

Serve with rice or bread and dipping sauce.

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