Creamy Gelatin Medley (Gulaman)

creamy gelatin medley
My three-year-old son, Colby, discovered his love with gelatins (gulaman) when my father-in-law bought some jelly-ace from the grocery. Since then, he would always grab a pack of jelly-ace from the candies section of the grocery.

Last night, I prepared Creamy Gelatin Medley from the extra sachets I made from Fruity Gelatin Layers few months ago. I added a little condensed milk and cream to go along with the gelatin flavors. Gladly I was when Colby almost eat most of the Creamy Gelatin Medley I prepared.


1/2 cup condensed milk
1/1 cup cream
1 box of green unflavored gelatin (gulaman)
1 box of yellow unflavored gelatin (gulaman)
1 cup of sugar, divided into 2
pandan extract for green gelatin
lemon essence for yellow gelatin

Dissolve the green gelatin and cook according to its directions. Add pandan extract and 1/2 cup sugar. Pour in a mold and refrigerate until set (about 10-20 minutes).

Then cook another box, add the lemon essence and sugar. Pour over in another mold and chill until set.

Slice into cubes. Add condensed milk and cream.

Chill for one hour and enjoy!

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