Chili Cheese Sticks

I love chili peppers, specially the long green finger chilies. They bring more Filipino spirit in my dishes like Pinakbet, Tinola, Dinakdakan, Sinigang and many more. And I get to make another experiment of this what we locally call, Siling Haba. I already tried making them as LUMPIANG SILI, where I stuffed ground pork, similar stuffing with LUmpiang Shanghai. This time I am making a CHILI CHEESE STICKS, stuffing the finger chilis with a slice of cheese. This I am sure, will rock your day.


siling labuyo (finger chili or siling haba)
lumpia wrapper, cut straight on both sides
Easy Melt Eden Cheese
cooking oil

Slice cheese into thin strips. Set aside.

Wash siling labuyo with running water. Drain with paper towel. Cut the chilis lengthwise, from top to bottom, making an opening. Remove seeds.

Stuff with sliced cheese.

Wrap the chilis with lumpia wrapper, sealing the wrapper with a drop of water.

Heat oil in a frying pan.

Fry the Chili Cheese Sticks until golden brown and serve!

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