Chicken Sate at Pedritos Restaurant

chicken sate
Pedrito’s Restaurant may very well be one of the best restaurants in Dagupan City. Besides its amazingly delectable breads and pastries, the food haven is also known for some really good tasting meals paired with java or plain rice, that are worth the money.I got to eat at Pedrito’s again a few days ago and ordered the local favorite Chicken Sate.

Pedrito’s Chicken Sate is a grilled chicken glazed with a special sauce after being marinated, a procedure the resto has perfected over the years. Several restaurants around the city have tried to imitate it but the Pedrito’s version in my opinion (as I have already tried a few others) stands out by far.

The meal comes with Java Rice and ‘Atchara.’ It is priced at P90.00, a good price if you ask me instead of the usual fast food. The flavor is enhanced by the thick peanut sauce that you have the option to pour onto the meat. Vinegar and pepper also is a good alternative for those who are not fond the unusual condiment.

The restaurant may not be categorized as ‘fancy’ but the ambiance inside is definitely above mainstream restos and eateries. While there, I was able to see Councilor Michael Fernandez and his wife, avid Red Cross supporter and actress Maybelyn Dela Cruz, who were also enjoying a good dinner.

The only thing that turned me off with Pedrito’s restaurant is the location where they place their freshly baked breads. A worker places the pan full of breads on the counter right beside the cashier. When customers pay for purchases they stand beside the counter so close to the uncovered breads that they can easily grab or pinch one. A worker places the breads there to wrap them one by one after they have cooled down. Sometimes she grabs a broom to sweep the crumbs off the floor then wraps the breads afterwards. It is disappointing that something unhygienic be left considered because of a marketing strategy gone wrong.

Overall impression to me is that Pedrito’s Restaurant gives the customers a better than average experience. The wonderfully tasting foods are offered at lower prices compared to restos of its kind, and the atmosphere sets the mood for appetite and laid back conversation. The bread wrapping just bugs me though and I would that they do away with it.

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