Dagupan City’s Bangus Festival 2010

Dagupan City, Philippines – a city where you can find plentiful of tastiest Bangus or milkfish in the world. The city owns the best bangus which is most loved not only by Dagupeños but by Filipinos worldwide. Thus, Former Mayor Benjie S. Lim has conceptualized the Bangus Festival last 2002 as to promote the province as the Bangus Capital of the World and to cause the city as one of the major tourist spot of the country. Successfully his idea was, Bangus Festival has been one of the grandest festivals not only in the north but in the entire country and even earned its fame globally.

Few more weeks to go and it will be Bangus Festival again and it will be highlighted with the Bangusan Street Party on April 30, 2010 at the De Venecia Hi-way Extension . Country’s famous rock bands, artist and performers are to come to party with estimated 700,000 visitors. It will be tons of grilled bangus and tons of fun! See you then!

Dagupan City Bangus Festival 2010 is available at dphilippines.com.

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